Prague tourist attractions – Charles Bridge is the most known bridge in Prague. The bridge, encompassed by two towers with unmistakable turrets and crossing point the Vltava River (between the Old Town and the Little Quarter), was built in the late Middle Ages. The Bridge is named after Charles IV (The Holy Roman Emperor).

The length of Charles Bridge is 515 meters between its two towers. The Bridge is 9.5 meters wide. Charles Bridge is for walkers, and you can find a colossal swarm of tourists, dealers and couples.

Along the Charles Bridge there are thirty statues of Christian rulers and saints. Frankly, these are copies. The first figures are arranged in Prague National Museum, as they have been hurt consistently. The most unmistakable figure on Charles Bridge is a statue of Jesus with an Hebrew etching. The Hebrew etching was incorporated into 1696 as lesson for a Jew from Prague.

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